Happy Dogs

This page is dedicated to adult dogs from past litters, we appreciate the owners keeping in touch and sharing pictures. 


Levi with big brother Oscar


Dundee, owned and loved by the Phelps family.

 Jax, owned and loved by Vance. I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I got Jax from you exactly 2 years ago today and he has become the best dog I have ever owned. So smart and loving. I am always telling people now that aussiedoodles are the best dog they could ever own. Thanks

James owned and loved by Kaitlin and Jon in Nevada


Ruby owned and loved by the Schalch family in San Mateo.  the Schalch family added another doodle to the family so Ruby has a little brother, Stewart Little. 


Ruby and Stewart Little, Ruby use to be the same color as Stewart when she was a puppy 


Scruffy owned and loved by Robert and Asuncion of Sacramento




Baxter owned and love by Rebecca in Truckee CA

Stella is owned and loved by Susan in Nevada