Happy Dogs

This page is dedicated to adult dogs from past litters, we appreciate the owners keeping in touch and sharing pictures. 



I could walk down the street with Denzel and Madonna and would get less attention than I do with Caddie.  I kid you not.  Cars stop and pull over.  Caddie is mobbed by girls.  Its endless and constant.  I am going to have to get cards made I am tired of saying Aussiedoodle.  1 out of 200 guess it right.   He's has good manners and is gentle with children toddlers and when playing with smaller dogs.  He has no problem playing with any sized dog.  He recently left my side inside a dog park ran across the entire field over to two big dogs fighting viciously.  I thought to myself what are you going to do fluff ball?  He ran at full speed jumped and with both front paws knocked the dogs apart which was something to see.  Then proceeded to pounce as if to play and that ended the fight. He's a peace maker.


I hug him like a human every morning. He puts his arms on my shoulders and we kiss. Because of that he hugs people after he's got a chance to be introduced. Not everyone of course but recenyly he hugged a homeless man I see regularly and it made his day.  Thats when we made the decision. 


Caddie and I have decided we are getting a K-9 Ambassadorship.  He is the perfect disposition and Intellegence to be in Childrens hospitals and Elderly Care facilities.  We are going to share his love with those who can use it the most.  And he has endless love to give.  We will be in training get certified and then on his 1st birthday we can get to volunteering.


I have given your name to dozens of people.  Feel free to share any part of this email. 


Thank you again,



Caddie is a celebrity.  I can't go anywhere with out getting swormed by mainly women but even men give me compliments on what a good looking dog Caddie is.  He is super well behaved and has gotten VIP treatment at the Vet.  We go to dog beach and many walks through town.  We have gone on bike rides skateboard rides car rides.  We have gone to dog parks and to doggie day care.  Caddie has been an ideal friend to everyone.  He particularly likes women.  Needless to say he has changed my life. 

Thank you


Levi with big brother, Oscar.


Dundee, owned and loved by the Phelps family.

 Jax, owned and loved by Vance. I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I got Jax from you exactly 2 years ago today and he has become the best dog I have ever owned. So smart and loving. I am always telling people now that aussiedoodles are the best dog they could ever own. Thanks

James owned and loved by Kaitlin and Jon in Nevada


Ruby owned and loved by the Schalch family in San Mateo.  the Schalch family added another doodle to the family so Ruby has a little brother, Stewart Little. 


Ruby and Stewart Little, Ruby use to be the same color as Stewart when she was a puppy 


Scruffy and Sully owned and loved by Robert and Asuncion of Sacramento




Baxter owned and love by Rebecca in Truckee CA

Stella is owned and loved by Susan in Nevada

Hi there,
We just wanted to share a picture of our sweet Bella. We brought her home around Sept 8 and she has been a joy. This is after her first groom last week.
She is well on her way to become a therapy dog!
Hope all is well.
Debra and Don